Race Rules

Every organized event must have some rules to help make it a fair, fun, and safe event for all participants.  We are no different, so here are ours:

1. All runners are required to traverse the entire course as marked.

2. Your race number must be worn on the front of your clothing and be visible at all times.

3. Runners must ensure their number is duly recorded by a race official at each Aid Station (AS).

4. Runners must yield to vehicles and obey all commands from race officials (orange vests) at all road crossings.  RUNNERS MUST YIELD TO TRAFFIC!

5. If you wear headphones, please be aware of your surroundings and the possibility that there may be runners behind you trying to pass. If we hear complaints that runners had difficulty getting around runners who were plugged in, we’ll be forced to prohibit headphones in future races.

6. What to do in the unfortunate event that you are not able to finish the race: Any runner dropping out of the race shall do so at an Aid Station and make sure that this is duly noted by a race official. Please turn in your chip at this time to an AS Official who will ensure proper recording that you have decided to not continue. Transportation to the finish area will be provided upon request. Any runner dropping out of the race without informing a race official is subject to being banned from all future Ice Age Trail 50 runs. Do not become a “lost runner”.

7. Runners will accept and follow all the directions and decisions of all Aid Station and medical personnel.


We are required to leave the trail as clean, if not cleaner, than we found it. It is the responsibility of runners to keep the trail free of trash, not our volunteers. Please pay special attention to proper disposal of gel packets and foil wrappers.  Carry litter to the next Aid Station where garbage bags are provided.  Aid stations are abundant. Any runner caught littering the trail is subject to immediate disqualification.

9. Crews may assist only at designated crew access sites. PACING is not allowed!!  What is pacing?  Pacers are non-registered runners who accompany registered runners on the race course for more than  500 yards.

10.  A complete list and description of each Ice Age Aid Station can be found under the “COURSE” tab on this website. All Aid Stations will close at the designated times as posted in the Aid Station section. If you decide to continue on after the posted closing times, you are no longer considered an official participant of the race and do so at your own risk. Aid Stations are staffed by volunteers who are only scheduled for set times.




1. The Race Director of any trail run will tell you that litter on the course, or on the property of people living near the course, is a threat to the existence of the race. Please take this seriously and see that your crew does as well. A runner may be disqualified if his or her crew is discovered littering on or near the course.

2. Pets must be leashed at all times.

3. Crews may park only at designated parking areas.  Observe “no parking” signs. Where parking is allowed along the side of a road, it is only on one side of the road and totally off the pavement (all four wheels). Sheriffs may ticket violators.

4. If a runner drops from the race, his crew should be sure that Aid Station personnel or Race Officials are notified, that the scoring chip has been turned in, and that the DNF is duly recorded.

5. All road guards will wear ORANGE VESTS.  Please obey their instructions.

6. Keep track of your children at all times!  Do not allow any children to go on the course looking for their parents.  It is very easy to get lost in the forest.


The Ice Age Trail 50 will be timed using the ChampionChip® timing system by Eclipse TIming. Each runner will receive a disposable timing chip at packet pickup with instructions to mount the chip on your shoe. If you change shoes, you must also transfer the chip. The chip will not work on your wrist, in your pocket, in your car, or in your hotel room. NO CHIP – NO TIME! Please make sure you wear YOUR chip on race day. Your chip envelope will be labeled with your race number and the chip number and chip instructions.

Although all runners are required to wear a chip for tracking, all the races will be scored using GUN TIME.

You will see multiple timing mats on the course. You must cross the mats in order to be timed. Note there will be two sets of mats at the finish area. Please don’t cross the finish line unless you’re actually finishing the race.

If you drop out of the race, you must report this to the AS official where you drop out.

Last but not least – Have Fun, Have a Good Run, and Enjoy the Trail!