The Course

The Kettle Moraine & Ice Age Trail

A description of the course would be incomplete without a description of the Kettle Moraine and Ice Age Trail. We would like to acknowledge the Wisconsin DNR, Kettle Moraine Natural History Association and The Ice Age Trail Alliance for their publications and research.

The race is held within the boundaries of the 18,000 acre Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine Forest. When the Wisconsin glacier receded about 13,000 years ago, its glacial ice and melt waters shaped the Kettle Moraine landscape. The race course you run is a living museum of the imprints of the last glacial advance, with its glacial boulders, steep ridges, knobby hills and kettle depressions. Land forms known as drumlins, eskers, kames and kettles predominate the landscape.

The irregular distribution of materials gathered by the advancing glacier and the myriad ways in which the sun strikes the ever changing topography created a multitude of interesting habitats for plants and animals. For a temperate climate, the Kettle Moraine boasts an amazing variety of species. Your running journey will take you through pine and hardwood forests, wet and dry prairies, along high ridges overlooking wetlands and lakes, down to the lowlands only to charge up another hill. There are literally hundreds of hills, small and large that you will traverse on your running adventure.

Course Marking

1. The 50 Mile course will be marked with YELLOW ground flags.

2. The 50K course will be marked with ORANGE ground flags.

3. The Half Marathon course will be marked with BLUE ground flags.

Check Points

Check points exist where runners might go off or re-enter the course. If you get off course and re-enter at a check point, you must go back to where you left the course and continue on the correct course from that point.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations are stocked with cookies, pretzels, potato chips, M&M’s, PBJ Sandwiches, bananas, oranges, water, cola and HEED sports drink.

Drop Bags (50 Mile and 50K Races)

There are three drop bag locations for the 50 Mile race — and one for the 50K.  We suggest using your own drop bag(s), since this will be more easily identifiable to you.  When you arrive at the race, you will find three clearly-marked drop bag tarps to place your bag(s).

• Drop Bag #1 will be at AS 2 – Start/Finish which is at the 9.0 mile mark for the 50 mile and at 13.0 and 22.0 miles for the 50K

• Drop Bag #2 will be at AS 5 – Hwy 12 which is at the 17.4 and 26.2 mile marks (50 mile only)

• Drop Bag #3 will be at AS 9 – Horserider’s Camp which is at the 37.1 and 43.5 mile marks (50 mile only)

Return Drop Bag Area

There will be a Return Drop Bag Area at Aid Station #9 (Horserider’s Camp) to move your bags to as you pass through this Aid Station the second time through. Please move your bag to the Return Drop Bag Area when leaving this Aid Station. This will allow the race officials to pick up the bags early and return them to the Finish Area so you can have access to them earlier. Aid Station #9 will have two pickup times, one at 2:30 and one at 4:30 for return to the Finish Area.