50 K Aid Stations

We recommend that spectators and crew for 50k runners remain in the Start/Finish area throughout the race.  There, you will be able to see your runners four times — at the start, at 13.3 miles, at 22.2 miles and at the finish.  Given the proximity of AS3 (Bluff Road) to the Start/Finish area and the limited availability of parking at that aid station, you may miss your runner at one or both of those stops if you try to shuttle between the two areas.


Crews and spectators are not allowed at the Horserider’s Aid Station (AS9) — the 6.5 mile turnaround point in the first leg of the 50k race. Despite our best efforts to to slow traffic through the campsite, the DNR has received numerous complaints and has chosen to restrict access to this aid station. RUNNERS: Please make sure your crew is aware of this change. CREW: Do not risk disqualifying your runner by attempting to meet them at Horserider’s. Thank you.

NEW:  Beginning in 2017, the Tamarack Aid Station will be manned and fully supplied until 3:00 p.m.  After that time, basic supplies will be available, but there will be no volunteer support.  Runners will need to hold about a 15:00 minute mile pace for 27.2 miles to arrive at AS 1 before 3:00 p.m.


Time and Distance Planning Availability Drop Bags Crew Access
Distance Out Station Distance Between Cut Off Times Fluids (F1) & Food (F2) Location Parking Location
0 Start #1 Designated Parking
1.5 AS 3 1.5 F1 & F2 Designated Parking
2.4 AS 8 0.9 F1 only No Crew Access
6.6 AS 9 4.2 F1 & F2 No Crew Access
10.9 AS 8 4.3 F1 only No Crew Access
11.8 AS 3 0.9 F1 & F2 Designated Parking
13.3 AS 2 1.5 F1 & F2 #1 Designated Parking
18.3 AS 1 5.0 F1 & F2 No Crew Access
22.2 AS 2 3.9 3:10 PM F1 & F2 #1 Designated Parking
27.2 AS 1 5.0 F1 & F2 No Crew Access
31.1 Finish 3.9 6:00 PM F1 & F2 #1 Designated Parking


Crew Driving Directions-50k


Start Finish (AS2)

Bluff Road (AS3)
42.835536, -88.610089

Young Road (AS8)
42.842630, -88.606200