50 K Section 2

Section 2 is two loops of the Nordic Trail.  Designed as a cross country ski trail, this 18.0 mile section is two loops of the outer trail (Blue Loop – highlighted in green below). Referring to the race map, you are running in a counterclockwise direction from AS 2 passing by AS 1 just off Tamarack Road and running by AS 3 and returning to AS 2 at the Finish for the 9.0 miles. Enjoy new Captain and ultrarunner Kevin Clark and his team at AS 1, Captain Michele Loehner at AS 2 and her aid station volunteers and Daya Pillay and his gang at AS 3.

The Nordic Trail trails are very wide and scenic. This 9.0 mile loop is very representative of the glacial topography and natural diversity that you can expect in the Kettle Moraine. As a cross country ski trail, it provides every type of terrain imaginable for skiing.

The trail or tread on the Nordic is very runnable. There will be sections in the pines and meadows that you will want to develop some speed. Easy on the feet, joints and with towering trees all around, you are preparing yourself for a great race. Many areas that were rocky have been wood chipped over to help skiers save their equipment.