50 Mile Section 2

Section 2 is the out to Rice Lake and back to Confusion Corner.  Once you take the hard hair pin left at Confusion Corner, you are on the Ice Age Trail.  Look for the yellow rectangular blazes on trees during your run.  You will be running single track from now on until you return to Confusion Corner and head back northeast to the Emma Carlin trailhead.

For those of you who like a change in the scenery, trail direction, elevation and grade along with vegetation, the Ice Age Trail delivers.  Expect rocks and roots on steep climbs and descents as you scramble up and over eskers.  Enjoy very runnable stretches through pine forested areas, meadows and by wetlands.

As you cross Highway H, you will be running through several miles of pine forest until you approach AS 4 at Duffin Road.  AS 4 is managed by Jim and Karen Bain and fellow volunteers (the Bains have staffed the Duffin Road aid station for more than 20 years!)  From there, the terrain changes to twisting and turning trails up and over hills until you close in on La Grange Lake.  Running around La Grange Lake is enjoyable with longer vistas available and good footing until you leave the lake and climb to AS 5.  AS 5 continues to be organized by Craig and Mary Hopper (20+ year veterans) and their team of loyal volunteers.

South of Hwy 12, you’ll find mostly tight single-track trail with plenty of rocks and even a few stairs to help you up and down the hills.  Long-time volunteer Vicki Schinker and friends will greet you at the Esterly aid station (AS 6).  The southern terminus of the course (and turnaround) is near Rice Lake, where you’ll find Jane Zien and her crew.

Figure eight miles back-and-forth from Hwy. 12 to Rice Lake.