50 Mile Section 3

Section 3 is the out to the Emma Carlin Trails and back to Confusion Corner and into the finish on the Nordic Trail.  Once you reach Confusion Corner you continue on the Ice Age Trail by going straight across the horse trail.  You are on a high esker with nice views to your left and on your way to AS 8 and a visit with Jeff Weiss and his crew.  You now have run 33.9 miles and must reach AS 8 by 2:00 PM (cutoff time).

From AS 8 you begin your climb of Indian Signal Hill (Bald Bluff on the map) to the highest point on the course.  At the top, enjoy the view and the significance of this Native American spiritual site that (according to settler accounts in the mid-1800’s) attracted Native American peoples from as far away as Illinois and other Wisconsin areas.  The very trails you run are the trails used by earlier peoples traveling to this site for centuries.

The terrain from AS 8 to AS 9 is constantly changing. Like the area approaching Rice and Whitewater Lake, expect narrow, single track winding up and over hill after hill until you finally reach AS 9.  There are some flats; but, they are few and far between.  At AS 9, appreciate the hard work by Franny Keyes — another captain who has more than 20 years of experience helping the Ice Age runners — and other seasoned Ice Age veterans who man this critical aid station.

AS 9 to the AS 10 at the Emma Carlin Trail (turnaround) is also packed with hills; but, they tend to be less steep and there are more moderate shifts in the terrain as you pass by several wetland areas.  At AS 10 will be Karen Bott, who is positioned on the far end of the course to offer weary runners some respite.